Duration: 3-4 hours
Location: Departs & returns from Pier 3 at the Embarcadero
Available Seat: 6
Price: $150 - $175

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420Friendly SF Walking Tour of
The Presidio in San Francisco

Take Your Photography to a Higher Level with this Unique Presidio Photo Tour


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Walking Tours San Francisco

Our cannabis-friendly Walking Tour is the first of its kind in San Francisco, and is one of the best things to do and see in San Francisco. This sf walking tour is designed so that you get a good buzz on and go out to take some great photographs of the Presidio in San Francisco. You will find the tours informal and chill – seating is limited to 6 or fewer seats in a comfortable suv or van. The exclusivity is much more congenial, you will experience the kind of personal attention you won’t get on a big tourist bus being herded around like cattle.

  • What You Get For Your Hard Earned Money

    • Climb aboard your Chauffeured Van, complete with gifts and refreshments
    • Exchange strains and sample various products with the other members of your group
    • Enjoy the scenic drive from the Embarcadero to the Presidio as you gain altitude
    • After parking, and 420sharing, we will take a leisurely, mostly downhill walk through the Presidio
    • Frequent photo ops and fascinating information from your tour host & budtender, a veteran published photographer who has served on the Presidio, and resided in the area for decades
    • After reaching the Muni Bus Stop by the coffee shop in the Presidio, we  can grab a snack and then take the bus back up to the Park Entrance, meet the van and make the return trip to the Embarcadero Pier
    • Figure 3-4 hours for the entire tour, and figure on your head being in a good place throughout
  • What You Need To Bring Along

    • Walking shoes, walking stick
    • Sunscreen, sunglasses, hat
    • Bottle of water
    • Camera, batteries, extra memory cards
    • a 420Friendly attitude
  • The Presidio is a park and former military base at the northern tip of San Francisco at the southern end of the Golden Gate Bridge. Here are a few items of interest about the park –

    1. In 1776 the Spanish began construction of El Presidio de San Francisco, a fortified village  that would later become the City of San Francisco
    2. The Presidio has been used as a military base and coastal defense by the Spanish, Mexican, and U.S. Army for more than 200 years. It remained under US Army control until 1994, when it was transferred to the National Park Service, and a public /private Presidio Trust has allowed renovation,redevelopment, and leasing of many of the historic buildings to business and non-profits.
    3. There are four main sections to the Park, and our 420Friendly walking tours will introduce you to:
      1. The Main Post is the heart of the Presidio with Fort Mason and features gorgeous bay views, history, museums, events, restaurants, art and culture.
      2. The Golden Gate Section of the Presidio includes Fort Point, the western shoreline with Pacific Ocean Views, rugged hiking, beaches, and walking access to the Golden Gate Bridge.
      3.  The Crissy Field Section is a recreational paradise that has long been discovered by locals. With its breathtaking San Francisco Bay views, easy hiking, welcoming beaches and picnic areas, and wild open spaces, you are guaranteed a memorable experience.
      4. The Southern Presidio Section is home to the park’s​ ​wildest areas, from Mountain Lake to the Tennessee Hollow Watershed. Our walking tour includes  including the Park’s century-old eucalyptus and cypress forest, rare natural habitats, creeks, wildlife, and wildflowers.
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