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Presidio Walking Tour

Let’s Smoke a Bowl and Go Take Pictures!

(We know Some Great Spots)

Attention Cannabis Consuming Photo Adventurers!

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Do you:

  • love finding picturesque locations and taking great photos?
  • have a bad case of the Winter blahs?
  • have a Saturday or Sunday to Spare?
  • are you ready for a mini adventure?

And most importantly, do you like to get high?

If you’re like me, you have been toking up and taking pictures for years, but always have to worry about the legal and safety ramifications.

You either have to travel with an illegal substance (think about airport security, random  or profiled traffic stops)  or try to score something when you arrive. Of course, you have to take what you can get, and there’s probably not going to be much of a selection and you have no way of knowing the quality. And, a lot of us are hesitant to just approach strangers on a street corner to ask if they are selling 420!

Trust me – some people get offended when you ask them that 🙁

What if?!?

But, what if you could go to World Class photo sites and locations, and do so as stoned as Willie Nelson, and you could do it completely legally, without having to worry about getting pulled over, getting caught, getting busted, or getting hassled in any way?

And while you are dreaming the dream, imagine that the legal weed you are consuming is most excellent. And that you are visiting a friend who happens to be a photo pro and into it big time too?

This pro knows all the really cool places to go and helps you get outstanding images that you’ll love to share, All you have to do is get a buzz on, hop in the minivan, sit back and let the beauty unfold.

Welcome to 420phototours!

We combine easy and legal access to recreational 420 with stunning photo locations so you can get the best images, and the more likes, shares, reposts, favorites and follows than you ever imagined.

  • sativa, indica and hybrids
  • edibles, vapes, flowers and buds
  • legal in Massachusetts, California, Oregon, Washington, Colorado, Nevada and Maine

About 420phototours

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    Hi – I am Phil, aka 420phototours, based in Shelburne Falls, Massachusetts.

    • Mad Skills:

      My professional background includes engineering/coding/product development/marketing/photography and publishing

    • Currently:

      I am an Author and Publisher of ebooks and paperbacks available on Amazon.com and expanded distribution, including 4 books of Photography

    • Studio/Gallery:

      The Studio/Gallery specializes in glamour/boudoir and local/regional travel promotions

    • Pothead:

      I have been a responsible cannabis user for decades. Legalize it! Everywhere!

    I started doing these 420friendly tours for a couple of reasons:

    • Money

      I am retired, too lazy to work and too scared to steal, so I need to make a little money to keep from having to eat cat food

    • Destiny

      I have been getting stoned and scouting for photos like this for decades and realistically I probably will keep doing doing them whether you join me or not

    • Road Trip!

      I especially enjoy photo road trips with smoking buddies – always lots of laughs and good times

    • Personal

      At a personal/artistic/spiritual/soulful level, 420 has allowed me to keep open the Doors of Perception (A. Huxley) and to seek, find, and deeply experience some really beautiful places and take some wonderful photos. I can take you there

    • Out of the Closet

      I am ready to let my 420 flag fly, after being stigmatized and criminalized for decades

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    Weed Law in CA and MA Jan 2017

    • OK to use and possess 1oz
    • Can’t buy, but someone can give to you
    • Can’t travel with it (across state lines/airports)
    • Don’t smoke and drive